Online Education
and Certification Courses

SafetyNet Training's Education and Certification Course utilizes the latest information and is presented in a format that allows those in the field the ability to grasp the concepts necessary to keep crews safe.

The courses are available online with average completion times ranging between 30 minutes to one hour, including a skills survey to ensure competent understanding. With certification courses, a certificate of completion will be available to an employee after completion of a successful competency as mandated by the FCC and OSHA.

RF Safety
& Awareness

A Self-Guided PowerPoint Training Presentation with a RF Safety & Awareness Competency Certification Exam

This course is Available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian) to fit the unique training needs of your organization.

Course length: approx. 1 hour
Cost: $119 per individual
Group rate of $99 per individual for five or more


of DAS
& Small Cell

A Self-Guided PowerPoint Training Presentation with a Fundamentals of DAS Competency Exam

Course length: approx. 30 minutes
Cost: $49 per individual


Public Safety DAS Systems Integration and Local AHJ Coordination

A Self-Guided PowerPoint Training introductory course in Public Safety DAS and how integration and working with Local AHJ in various cities/counties. Includes fundamentals of Public Safety DAS and Fire Code regulations and requirements for IFC and NFPA.

Course length: approx. 40-60 minutes
Cost: $149 per individual

Be Safe, Live Safe!

We are pleased to offer you the Radio Frequency Safety and Awareness Education and Certification Course designed to provide those working in the radio frequency (RF) energy environments – primarily the "tower worker" – with a basic understanding of the safety precautions set forth to ensure minimal RF exposure to humans.

For individuals working in the tower industry it is recommended to make RF Safety a part of your daily routine by identifying hazards and documenting them on your daily "Job Hazard Analysis" and complying with the guidelines and regulations established by the Federation of Communications Commission (FCC) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and other organizations or agencies related to human exposures from RF energy.

Keep your crews safe and company compliant with OSHA

In compliance with OSHA standards, telecommunication employees must be knowledgeable, informed and using and/or wearing personal protective equipment to prevent potential RF exposure to humans.

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